4 Year Anniversary Gift of Fruit

Looking for a 4 Year Anniversary Gift idea? Check out Marlows Fruit Bowl Letterbox Sweets.

After four years your relationship is blossoming and ripening into maturity, just like the traditional gift of fruit or flowers. For something sweet and sentimental our Fruit Bowl is the perfect option. As with all our Letterbox Gifts you can personalise your box with your own message. Why not make reference to Fruit being the 4th Year traditional anniversary gift. 

Who doesn’t love something sweet and thoughtful? The other option is the modern wedding anniversary gift which is, wait for it, appliances! Don’t fall into that trap and gift an Iron when you can gift a beautiful presented Fruit Bowl, sweet style!

Your box could be filled with;


Foam Bananas – in vibrant yellow, the perfect visual replica of its real fruit friend. Banana flavours but with a slight chewy texture.

Fizzy Peaches – orange and yellow coloured peach shapes coated in a fizzy slighty sour sugar that covers a dense jelly sweet

Twin Cherries – The classic! Bright and fun loved by all these tasty little beauties are the perfect addition to any sweet selection.

Funky Fruits – a modern take on the old fashioned fruit gums. Bright colours, multi fruit shapes and literally bursting with fruit flavours. 

Fizzy Strawberries – chewy soft gum sweet with a perfectly balanced strawberry taste. Coated in a fizzy sugar to tantilise your tastebuds. 

Marlows Letterbox Sweets with same day dispatch and day delivery*


fruit bowl sweet selection. Mixed fruit shapes and flavours

Marlows Fruit Bowl Letterbox Sweets Gift

Perefct for the 4 year Anniversary Gift of Fruit

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