Cheap Letterbox Gifts

Letterbox Gifts, image of a letterbox sized parcel wited with brown string with a pink Marlows logo sticker in the centre reading Sweets and Treats through the letterbox.

Looking for Cheap Letterbox Gifts? Marlows has just the ticket! 

Introducing our range of Letterbox sweets & Letterbox chocolate, delivered straight through the door in our perfectly sized and robust packaging. 

Born our of the lockdown of 2021 when we couldn’t see our friends and family we at the Marlows family decided to create care packages to send to our nearest and dearest through the post. After arguing for days about what to send and why we all settled on making them fun.

Appealing to everyones sweet tooth and the original Marlows letterbox Sweets package was born!

We took a flat parcel box, picked a friend each and doodled on the inside of it, personalising it to its recipient. Doodles of a cinema screen, popcorn bucket, film projector & oscars adorned one of the Letterbox gifts creating ‘Movie Night‘.

Another was filled with images of fun & cheeky animals creating ‘Animal Madness‘. They looked so good these themes were transferred as two of our original ideas and the artwork on both boxes is really not to dis similar to those sketches. 

Take a look for yourself on our Tik Tok channel marlows.sweetsbypost 

Although we have managed to create a range of Cheap Gift Ideas, the contents certainly isn’t cheap. We only buy high quality products from manufacturers like;

  • Haribo
  • Kingways
  • Jake
  • Sweetzone
  • Taverners

to name a few. Each Letterbox Gift has been put together with real care and attention to make sure that the theme and the contents are aligned.

Take our Under the Sea for example, this fun and colourful pick n mix sweets mix contains a selection of Under the Sea themed creatures, Swirly Fish, Mystic Mermaids, Jelly Penguins, Fizzy Octopus to name a few. We always try, where possible to balance the flavours on the tongue so try to create a mix of Fizzy, Sour, Jelly & Foam favourites because everyone likes variety.

If Sugary Sweets are quite what you are looking for we also a couple of alternatives including our Liquorice Selection and Mint Favourites. Again in beautifully themed packages these make perfect gifts for literally every occasion. 

  • Birthday presents
  • Party treats
  • Thank you gifts
  • Good bye package
  • Wedding Favours
  • Fathers Day 
  • Mothers Day
  • Easter alternative gift idea

Cheap Letterbox Gifts, The list could go on and on!

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