Vegan Sweets, what makes them Vegan?

Whether you’ve got the ultimate sweet tooth, or you’re asking for a plant-based friend; here’s all you need to know on how vegan sweets are made, and which are the best vegan sweets brands in the UK.

Strawberry laces, fruit pastilles, those pink and blue bottles… Can’t you just taste them all now? We remember how far 50p could get us in the corner shop after school, but are our childhood favourites vegan, and if not, why not?

Vegan sweets are made by using plant-based alternatives to gelatine, like agar agar, carrageenan and vega gel. Plus lots of fruits, sugars and syrups! 

Are sweets vegan?

From gelatine and beeswax to dairy-milk powder, there can be lots to look out for when it comes to the confectionary aisle and keeping our choices vegan. But because nature’s pantry is so big (and there are some clever chefs out there), we’ve still got plenty to choose from. 

Is it Vegan?

Even the most dedicated and knowledgeable vegan will sometimes be unsure as to whether a certain product or food is, in fact, vegan. The strange, and sometimes opaque, manufacturing processes of modern food production make things far from easy, and some foodstuffs that may appear to be vegan-friendly are actually not.

Here at our Is it Vegan? hub we cover both the most obscure, complex “Is X vegan?” questions, as well as the simpler queries asked by those new to veganism, or those considering a move to a plant-based diet. We’ll be adding to this all the time to, so if you are not sure about a certain item, whether food, cosmetics, clothing or anything else, get in touch and we’ll add it to our list!

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