Gluten Free Sweet Gifts

Gluten Free Sweet Gifts

Gluten Free products are definitely getting easier to find and the quality and taste are 100% improving too but one corner of the market thats a little bit harder to trust is Gluten Free gifting

Gifts through the post are so convenient, fast, pretty cheap depending on where you shop. But it does open concerns around Allergens & Food Safety. Do the purveyors truly understand the importance of segregation and cross contamination? Gluten intolerances are just a ‘fad’ they’re the real deal and its essential online retailers are aware of this.

So many time I have looked at online sweets and see that their promotion images/videos show the products being packed in tissue paper?! Like seriously! Or hands/utensils in and out of different products meaning gluten is moving from item to item- so how can retails honestly state they are Gluten free?

Marlows Letterbox Sweets have approached Sweet Gifting differently. Our range was built from Dietary/Lifestyle options originally with mainstream and fun gifting coming after the the heart of the business remains, Inclusive Gifting.

 The Journey of our Gluten Free Sweets;

We research and source products from reputable sweet retails. Ensuring that the product firstly of high quality, tasty & visually attractive. The product packaging must the be clearly marked Gluten Free with the product ingredients reflecting this. Once ordered we then upload this single item to our website include an image, product description, and full dietary/nutritional information. 

Our Gluten Free Letterbox Sweets are the batch made. We sanitise the work area and equipment with a D10 liquid sanitiser leaving it with a 10 minute contact time before removing from the surfaces. Our team uses full PPE. Each unopened package of sweets are then checked to ensure there has been no recipe change etc. Once opened the sweets are the mixed, weighed, bagged and heat sealed in plastic food safe packaging. This ensures that the product stays fresh and more importantly can not become cross contaminated with other items ( for example during storage). 

The plastic wrapped sweets are the placed into our Letterbox sized packaging and the stored in air tight containers until dispatched. Again an additional step to ensure quality & freshness. Once ordered the product is the picked and packaged into its final wrapper which is a waterproof, tear proof postal bag. These steps all mean that the product is secure and travels well meaning its in the same great shape when opened then it was went is left us. 

This process makes us a trusted purveyor of Gluten Free Gifts 

Trust when dealing with Allergens is the key word especially when the item is for someone other than yourself. Our Letterbox Gift has its own artwork which shows immediately the product is Gluten Free. An additional step to this is every box has a seal sticker advising of the product name and details of the website so that the consumer can the double check the products dietary/nutritional information if the so wish. 

We do not accept returns of our products, even if unopened. This is so that we know no external factors can have changed the high levels of care and attention that has gone into ensuring our product is 100% Gluten Free. 

We truly hope our great effort goes along way to providing you with an excellent Gluten Free gift options. Gluten Free Sweet Gifts






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