What are Halal Sweets?

Marlows Halal Letterbox Sweets. Sweets are something that we all love to chew on because of their sweetness. However, according to Islam law, the sweets have to be halal for Muslims to eat them.

What Are Halal Sweets?

For something to be halal, it has to be made using a process and ingredients that are halal. Many sweet manufacturers use gelatin as an ingredient in their sweets. Gelatin is a tasteless and colorless food ingredient that people get from collagen in certain animal parts.

A lot of sweets in the market contain pork gelatin. Every halal sweet either does not contain gelatin or contains only beef or vegetarian gelatin. Pork gelatin is completely haram. For the beef gelatin to be halal, the sweet manufacturers have to slaughter the animal in a halal way.

That means that they slaughter it by slitting its throat with a sharp knife while still alive for it to drain blood. They make that cut to the windpipe, carotid artery, and jugular vein. That means that the animal dies faster and in a peaceful way.

Draining the blood also ensures that the meat will not contain any blood. The slaughter is also accompanied by the people reading an Islamic prayer called “Bismillah.” Also, the people have to align the head of the animal with the “qiblah.”

The spine of the animal must not be snapped, and neither should the people slaughtering dismember the animal until they are sure it is fully dead. The slaughterers also have to ensure that the animal they use to get the gelatin was healthy during the time of its slaughter.

For sweets to be halal, they also have to be alcohol-free. The flavor of the sweets, however, does not make them either halal or haram. Most of them taste just like normal sweets, and the only difference is the ingredient list.

Why Do Sweets Need To Be Halal

One of the questions that a lot of people ask is why do sweets need to be halal if they have almost the same taste as the other regular ones. 

Sweets have to be halal so that they can comply with Islamic law and the Quran. They also comply with the dietary guidelines of Muslims.

Eating sweets that are halal ensures that the animals whose products people use to make the sweets die humanely.

For more information visit the Halal Monitoring Committee website https://halalhmc.org/resources/definition-of-halal/

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