Why Letterbox Sweets?

Letterbox Sweets

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Why Letterbox Sweets?

Gifting can really be a tough gig, right?

Taking into account Budgets, distance, trends, likes & dislikes but it doest have to be that complicated. Pretty sure most people have a sweet tooth of some sort and so Letterbox Sweets could be the answer to your gifting nightmares! 

Lets break it down, piece by piece.

Budget Gifts

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful gift we have boxes that start from £8.50 which include delivery. Plus, because we are a friendly bunch here at Marlows, we will even throw in a personalised gift message for free. So suddenly your less than £10 budget now looks like a beautifully designed & packaged Personalised Letterbox Sweet Selection delivered straight through the letterbox. Amazing! 

Budget gifts are perfect for Birthdays presents, Thank you gifts, Well done treats or last minute panic buys!

Distance Gifts

All our themed boxes are dispatch same day if you order before 3pm (Monday to Friday) and sent Royal Mail 1st Class, so you’ll struggle to get things any quicker. We dispatch to Mainland UK and NI. Whats great about Letterbox Gifts is that they are the perfect size to slip straight through the door. That means you don’t have to give any pre-warning of a parcel, risk it being sent back to a depot or worse still have it stolen from the door step. Fun, fast, convenient surprise gifts. 

Trending Gifts 

So we try here at Marlows to stay hip and up to date with the hottest new trend! Constantly looking at new and exciting sweet ranges to add to our collections. We know everyone loves the Retro and Classics, Foam Shrimp and flying saucers are always going to bring back childhood memories but our job is to find the next wave of icon pieces. Additionally we know that people will dip in and out of diets/lifestyles/challenges so we have considered this and what our customers might be looking for. Just this month we introduced our Skinny bars range, a gift box of 10 different Skinny Bar chocolate treats  perfect for anyone following a low calorie of syns/point based diet plan. A guilt free sweet gift option… theres a first! Thats on top of our exclusive range of Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Gelatin Free, Dairy Free, No Artificial Colours & Halal boxes that are top sellers. 

Likes & Dislikes

Everyones idea of a sweet tooth is slightly different we get that. So we have also created a couple alternative Sweet Boxes. Mint Favourites is a selection of hard, strong, chewy, crumbly and coloured mints. Everyone knows a mint fan.

Then theres the all time alternative treat, the liquorice box. Like Marmite you either love it or hate it but this aniseed classic really has stood the test of time. Never really in or out of fashion it still remains a popular choice with each new generation getting a taste for its rich flavour. 

So there you have it, why not letterbox Sweets! 

Fun, Fast, Personalised Gift ideas. Letterbox Sweets Blog 

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