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MInt Gifts By Post.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more grown-up than pick n mix sweets but still has that sweet tooth satisfaction, look no further. Marlows Mint Favourites is an alternative to the traditional sweets that are often given as a birthday Gift.

The Marlows Mint Favourites box comes with a mix of spearmint chews, humbugs and multi-coloured mints. The Marlows Mint Favourites box is a fun and unique birthday gift. It’s a great way to say happy Birthday, thank you or congratulations.

This gift can be sent directly to your recipient (we’ll even personalise it with their name or message) or kept for yourself. Either way, it’ll be sure to make them smile and remind them of you each time they use it! These Marlows mints are the perfect office treat or celebration. They’re delicious and will help your recipient celebrate in style!

Not only are these less than £9 that also includes free delivery to anywhere in the UK. Where else can you find a personalised gift for this price? Our Mint Gifts are the business.

Our Letterbox sized packaging is the perfect fit to slip straight through the letterbox. The box dimensions are 22cm x 16cm x 2cm. The mints are each individually wrapped and then sealed in cellophane just to ensure they are air tight and stay super fresh! Our boxes are the decorated with the themes sticker, a product identification sticker and our logo. Finally we tie our boxes with jute string and then add any personalised message you have! What a perfect surprise when your recipient comes home and finds it on the doorstep. We’re sure your recipient will be delighted by this gift, and it’s the perfect way to show them how much you care!

These are the perfect Christmas Mints Gift, a Christmas eve box or stocking filler treat. How very apt to send these Mint Favourites and theme the Christmas box with Bah Humbug! Perhaps the perfect Uncle Gift, Christmas treat for your postman or festive neighbour offering! If Mints aren’t your thing check out our Letterbox Liquorice

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