National Vegan Day

Celebrate National Vegan Day! 1st November 2022.

World Vegan Day is celebrated on November 1 and its popularity shows how far this lifestyle choice has come! Initially Veganism started off as a diet fad and then eventually grew into a lifestyle option. The joys and benefits of veganism are advocated on this dedicated day, highlighting just how easy it is to go for this cruelty-free lifestyle as well as generate awareness on rights for our furry friends.

So what a thoughtful option of gifting your loved ones a box of Marlows Vegan Letterbox Sweets. A mixture of fizzy, sour, jelly and gummy sweets packed in our unique Vegan themed box. All dietary information on each individual sweet can be found on our website to ensure traceability of product.

Our Vegan boxes will contain a mix of these popular vegan lines;

Vegan Fizzy Strawberries

A cheeky 1 of your 5 a day? These fruity, chewy, jelly Strawberry flavoured whole fruit have a fizzy sugar coating, guaranteed to add a touch of colour to your sweet selection.

Vegan Damal Sour Candies

These eye catching candy twists are a fun addition to your pick n mix adding instant colour. Super sour fruit flavoured sweets that will tingle your tastebuds.

Vegan Fizzy Teddy Bears

Everyone loves these retro Fizzy Teddy Bears, they are the ultimate addition to any sweet selection. In bright colours to add some fun to your sweet selection.

Vegan Sour Apples

This multi coloured classic sweet is a great start to building your own take on a fruit bowl -sweet style! Apple slices in reds, yellows & greens will impress all and tantalise your tastebuds.

Vegan Mermaids

Mystical Mermaids are a great start to building your Sweet Mix. Bubblegum flavoured jellies the perfect enhancement to your Vegan Letterbox Sweets selection.

Vegan Fizzy Cola Bottles

The classic and original pick n mix sweet. Every sweet mix should include this icon. Be ready for a taste explosion as our Fizzy Cola bottle is the perfect balance of flavoursome, sweet & sour.

Mystic Mermaids

A bubblegum flavoured gummy these chunky mermaids are a great option to add flavour and colour to your pick n mix. In a bright blue and pink they’re eye catching and rare, just like their name sake.

Tongue Painters

In vibrant tones these Tongue Painters by Kingsway are fun & popular. A fruit flavoured gummy that PAINTS YOUR TONGUE BLUE! A star performer to any sweet mix.

Flying Saucers

The all time favourite Retro Sweet flying saucers continue to be a popular choice.

National Vegan day is not to be missed! Want to see more? Check out our Tik Tok


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