Retro, Classic & New Pick n Mix Sweets

Retro, Classic & New Pick n Mix Sweets 

Whats your favourite Sweet? Now theres a tough question, Do you transport back to your young and recall all your childhood favourites? Creamy White Mice, Sour  Flying Saucers, Chewy Black Jacks? Standing in the tuck shop queue with your 50p.

Or perhaps its the latest trends and fashionable pieces, Mike & Ike’s. Nerds, Jolly ranchers. With so many choices the world is your lobster… or foam shrimp!

Who needs a ‘favourite’ we can all reel off at least half a dozen tongue tingling or sweet spot hitting sweets we hold dear.

Lets take a closer look starting with Fizzy. 

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Fizzy Cola Bottles are a tasty cola flavoured sweet that is the perfect addition to any pick n mix selection. Coated in a fizzy sugar they are set to tingle those tastebuds

Blue Bubblegum Bottles

Blue Bubblegum Bottles are a tasty flavoured sweet that is the perfect addition to starting any pick n mix selection. Pastel blue and pink coated in a fizzy sour sugar they are set to impress and tingle those tastebuds!

Jelly Octopus Sweets

fruit flavoured jelly in this unusual and new octopus shape, a new and exciting addition to everyones list.

Fizzy Watermelon Slices

Sweet zone Fizzy Watermelon Slices are a tasty, sugar coated treat. Watermelon flavoured and bright in colour, these are a perfect sweet to enhance your pick & mix selection.

But lets face it Tongue tingling isn’t for everyone so perhaps Jellies are better suited.

Jelly Worms

Introducing the Jelly Worms Sweet. A fruit flavoured jelly in a fun worm shape, brightly coloured a classic!

Jelly Twin Cherries

Surely can count as 1 of your 5 a day….No?! Ok but it will brighten up any box of sweets. A fruity, chewy, cherry flavoured Jelly recognisable to everyone and truly loved by all

Baby Dolphins

These blue and white Baby Dolphins Sweets are a tasty fruit & blue raspberry flavoured Jelly that is great to any sweet selection.

Lets not forget the classic Gummy selection, firmer, chewier then the jellies.

Tongue Painters

Are a fun addition to your sweet mix. A fruit flavoured gummy that PAINTS YOUR TONGUE BLUE! In vibrant tones you can add a touch of colour to your pick n mix.


Cheeky Meerkats Sweets are a tasty fruit flavoured Jelly that is the perfect addition to any sweet selection especially for animal fanatics. 

Mermaid Sweets

Loved by old and young these Mystical Mermaid Sweets add a touch of mystery and colour to your selection. In a vibrant blue and pink they most definitely are eye-catching.

Retro, Classic & New Sweets 

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