Buy Retro Sweets Boxes Online and Take a Trip Back to the Tuck Shop

Sweet Boxes

There will have been many times when many are hankering for a delicious treat, only to find that they are no longer being sold in the high street. Of course, there are alternatives to try, but this does not always work well with those wanting to revisit their childhood when enjoying sweets.

Fortunately, there are solutions available for those wanting to revisit the tuck shop, as Marlows allows those with a sweet tooth to buy retro sweets online with ease.

As well as being able to offer various sweets symbolic with the past, Marlows can also offer exciting new additions, ensuring you are never left short regarding nostalgic treats. Our Sweet Boxes will be well received by all. 

Those That Shop for Sweets with Marlows are Never Uninspired

Although many will remember some delicious sweets they sampled as a child, others may have completely forgotten about some of the nostalgic treats they used to enjoy.

Marlows has over 1000 ranges of sweets, meaning it stocks everything you remember, as well as some of those you do not.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next pick n mix creation, then why not check the exciting sweets available, which include, but are not limited to, the following.

Liquorice Lovers Will Adore Black and White Mints

It is fair to say that liquorice is an acquired taste, but those that love it will often embrace every iteration of the treat available.

Black and White Mints are delicious layers of liquorice and mint, which combine to create a distinct taste sensation.

If you are an avid lover of liquorice that takes pleasure in treats from the past, then why not add some Black and White Mints to your order when shopping with Marlows?

Enjoy a Minty and Chewy Sensation with Everton Mints

If you are searching for a minty treat minus the liquorice, then why not consider some Everton Mints? Despite the many iterations of the classic treat, there are some that do not live up to expectations.

Those shopping with Marlows can be confident that when ordering the minty and chewy treats that are Everton Mints, they are ordering high-quality treats and not poor imitations.

Liquorice Torpedoes are Luxury Treats for Those That Adore Aniseed

As stated, there are many liquorice-themed treats available, especially when shopping for sweets with Marlows.

Liquorice Torpedoes are small strands of liquorice coated in a crispy sugar shell. Biting into the shell allows you to combine the bitter taste of liquorice with sugar to create a completely new taste, although some prefer to suck the shell off first.

Liquorice Allsorts are the Perfect Antidote for the Indecisive

Given the amount of choice available regarding liquorice, not everybody can decide first time. Fortunately, Marlows has you covered, as it also offers premium Liquorice Allsorts that contain all the classics, including Jelly Spogs and Black and White Mints.

Of course, if you would rather create your own Liquorice All sorts with all your favourites, then why not create some bespoke pick-n-mix and experience prompt delivery from Marlows?

Pear Drops are Perfect for Recreating Memories

Pear Drops have been popular with children for many decades, so it should come as no surprise that they remain just as popular today.

These boiled sweets embody the characteristics of a pear perfectly, and are a must for long car journeys as well as those searching for a nostalgia hit.

Forget Your Age and Rediscover Your Youth with Flying Saucers

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most successful, and this is certainly the case regarding Flying Saucers.

The simple combination of rice paper and sherbet has created one of the most successful retro sweets, and those wanting to revisit the past can do so with ease thanks to Marlows easy ordering process.

Kola Cubes are a Different Take on Cola That is Still Delicious

The popularity of cola in the past meant that as well as several sweets, there were variations made in the taste as well.

For example, Kola Cubes offer a fruity taste with notes of cola to offer a treat that offers something different, while still appealing to those that cannot get enough of the taste of cola.

This type of flavour was often referred to as ‘red kola’, and while different in taste, was just as popular during the 1980s and 1990s. 

The treats listed are simply a mere overview of the sweets available at Marlows. Regardless of whether you want to revisit the past, or merely wanting to try something different with your next bag of pick-n-mix, why not check out the full selection at Marlows today of our Sweet Boxes.

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