Vegetarian Sweets by Post

Vegetarian Sweets by Post remain as popular as ever. Thanks to the interest and popularity of Vegan & Dairy Free Sweets, Vegetarian options have seen a significant boost in availability. 

Vegetarian’s as apposed to Vegans  are happy to consume animal by products such as milk, beeswax and honey to name a few. Ingredients that are often featured in the ingredients list of sweets. Historically the first Vegetarian sweets didn’t always meet expectations, lack of gelatine altered the texture and taste of much loved gummy and jelly options. But i recent years Vegetarian alternates have become so good and popular they often feature in your regular pick n mix’s without anyone even noticing.

So whats the difference between Vegetarian & Vegan?

Vegan sweets must not contain ANY animal by product. This includes Honey & Beeswax as its is believed that some insects die when extracting the products. Vegetarians however consume these items and so sweets containing them are Vegetarian but not Vegan.

How about Vegetarian v Dairy Free?

Dairy Free follower refrain from any milk product which includes cream & butter. They do however still consume meat products and by products from other animals just not cows, sheep or goats.

Is Gelatin Free Vegetarian?

Yes Gelatin Free is vegetarian but not necessarily vegan. As a gelatine free sweet could contain beeswax or honey which is not acceptable for Vegans.

Finally whats the difference between Vegetarian & Halal?

Unlike Vegetarians, Halal doesn’t mean not to consume animals or animal products but it must come from specific ones that have been slaughtered following the strict guidelines set out. This is a religious/life choice as apposed to a dietary need. Halal followers never consume any pork or by product and so gelatine which is found in sweets must be beef gelatine. 

Our Vegetarian Letterbox Sweets are a mixture of everyones favourites which could include;

White Chocolate Stars – a creamy, rich chocolate topped with colourful sugar strand balls to add a little crunch & texture.

Gummy Meerkats – colourful cheeky meerkats are a fruity chewy gum sweet. 

Sour Apples – in reds, yellows and greens these mini apple flavoured gummy sweets are coated in a sour fizzy sugar. A real taste explosion.

Liquorice Comfits – rich, deep aniseed flavoured sweet coated in a sugar shell. All the colours of the rainbow these pretty bullets add a real splash of colour.

Sour Dummies – well these have been around for donkeys years and yet remain as popular today as always. Iconic shape with fruit flavours and coated in a a fizzy slightly sour sugar. 

Vegetarian Sweets by Post are the convenient and fast gift to show you care. All our boxes come with a free 150 character  personalised gift message and are dispatched the same day if you order before 3pm. So what are you waiting for? Send the gift of Sweets today!

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